Welcome to Genealogus, the Universal Family Tree web site. This site is intended to build a family tree that links everybody around the world together. How many times have we wondered if we were related to this or that person or wondered how many descendant our grandma has. This site, with your contribution, will provide answers to these questions.

In opposition to a family tree dedicated to one family, this site build a single family tree where all individuals have their place. The internet platform offers significant advantages over genealogy books. A dynamic internet site, allows everybody to view and contribute data while providing a quick turnaround.

We encourage you to contribute to this site.


Date New
  • New problems with VPSVille caused a lenghty downtime. Members area are not working yet.
  • Finally, VPSVille was able to recover the lost data and re-install Genealogus. Relocalisation is halted until we know what went wrong.
  • The host servicing Genealogus underwent a severe permanent outage requiring a relocalisation of the site to a different host. Service should be restored soon. Thank you for your patience.
  • Genealogus is back!
    After many months of downtime due to technical problems related to site hosting, Genealogus is working again. In order to avoid such long interruption of service, Genealogus is not relying on shared hosting services anymore. All systems have been moved to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) freeing our operation from hosting services business decisions.

The data base is now containing 7906 persons born between 1550 and 2007

This site is a memorial to my grand-mother:
Élisabeth Côté (1904-2001)

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